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The Treasure Hunt is On

Hidden within the products of new, modern items Walt's Attic has listed are many vintage items. This is your chance to search and claim a piece of the past that may hold fond memories for you, in an item that you no longer have. With so many items listed and many more to be added, you'll want to come back from time to time to hunt and search for your lost piece of history that holds the key to those special memories. While it is tough for me to list most if not all of these items, my wife and I feel it's time to let them go so others can enjoy them. These items belonged to our Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, Uncles and other relatives as well as items belonging to us. As we are now at the point in life that our relatives were when we were given these things, we've come to learn that they don't hold the same precious memories they do for us. We decided to offer them to others that feel the same way we do. There is no better gift than one that brings back those special, happy memories of years past. Our hope is in keeping those memories alive for you. We have many more items that will be added so please come back from time to time to find your special memory if it isn't listed already.

God Bless You All