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In 1964, my wife’s parents moved to a newly-built ranch home in New Jersey. The considerably large attic of the house eventually became a place where relatives began storing an assortment of items. My wife spent her entire life in this house and I moved in there some time after we married. After a few years, we decided to move to Colorado and it was during this time that we realized what magnificent treasure horde we had at our disposal. So began the story of Walt’s Attic.

We took the entire lot with us to Castle Rock, Colorado, with plans to sift through the items once we settle in. We began rummaging through the contributions by parents, grandparents, other relatives, and of course, ourselves. It was overwhelming. They held so many memories for us. We decided that we want to keep a few items, dearest to us, and sell the remaining items to those who would cherish them as we did. Most of these items were no longer produced or available in the markets. Many people, the same age as us or our parents and grandparents, must have once possessed similar items.

Today, Walt’s Attic presents you with rarities from the treasure we found all those years ago in our home. In addition, we search for, locate, and bring to you other items of sentimental value, souvenirs of the past, rare gifts, including many modern articles to add to our online store collection. We have priced each item at an affordable price and are more than happy to showcase our products to you before you make a purchase.

About Thomas Boehm

Thomas Boehm is the founder of Walt’s Attic. He has worked with Carmine Maggio, a collector and purveyor, of rare and unique items from all across the United States.

Boehm manages is now a collector himself and would love to connect with you over a phone or video call to tell you all about his fabulous treasure trove.


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